Great-Horned-Owl-1The Broomfield Open Space Foundation (“BOSF”) was started in June 2006 by its founding members, Clark Griep, Rick Erickson, Ellie McKinley, Dan Wilkie, Patrick Quinn, Gordon McKellar and Kristan Pritz as the ex-officio representative from the City and County of Broomfield.  The BOSF was formally approved as a tax-exempt organization under IRS code section 501 (c) 3  on February 18, 2008.

Our mission is to serve our community by protecting, enhancing and promoting the enjoyment of Broomfield’s open space, trails and wildlife.

The following summarizes the projects we have completed in the past several years:

Trails & Open Space

  • Trail Construction and Maintenance in Partnership with the City and County of Broomfield
  • Open Space Amenities: benches, kiosks, trailhead parking areas and pavilion
  • Financial Support for Grant Applications
  • Co-Sponsor of National Trails Day
  • Sponsor of Clean-up Days at Open Space Properties

Protecting and Preserving Wildlife

  • Conservation and Restoration of Native Habitats
  • Interpretitive Signage and Wildlife Overlook
  • Environmental Education Pavilion
  • Raptor Perches and Birdhouses Erected
  • Girl Scouts Bluebird Box Project
  • Boy Scouts Nesting Box Project
  • Financial Support of the Birds of Prey Foundation

Educational Services

  • Broomfield Nature Program Support
  • Annual Fishing Derby for Broomfield Youth
  • Presentations to Neighborhood and Local Community Groups
  • Sponsorship of Annual Birds of Prey Presentation
  • Backyard Habitat Garden Fair

Broomfield Open Space Foundation
2019 Board of Directors

Chris Simmons, President
Ellie McKinley,  Vice President
Sandy Roy, Treasurer
Karen Steele, Secretary
Kristan Pritz, Representative from City/County of Broomfield Open Space and Trails
Patrick Quinn
Randy Ahrens
Dr. Judy Enderle
Dr. Bill Markel
Patrick Tennyson
Dan Wilkie
Janet Kern
Chris Simmons
Liz Summerfield

Community Partners