A pair of bald eagles nesting in Rock Creek Farm raised three eaglets this spring, all of which have left the nest and are successfully flying! The first eaglet was spotted leaving the nest by the Broomfield Open Space and Trails Wildlife Biologists and several Eagle Watch Volunteers in mid-June. The nest, which has been in that spot for a number of years and is visible from the walking trail, is the only nest of bald eagles in the Broomfield area. The Broomfield Eagle Watch Volunteers monitor it during the incubation, hatching, and fledgling season, which begins in January and lasts until the eaglets are flying. Bald eagles are vital to the local ecosystem, which makes the successful fledging of the youth all the more exciting! While in the area, please keep the eagles safe and obey all signs protecting the nest from cyclists and pedestrians.

Photos by Eagle Watch Volunteers Janet Kern and Michelle Whyte
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