·     Look for it on interpretive signs, such as the one at Shep’s Crossing. 
·     See it on Open Space information kiosks such as the one at McKay Lake.
·     You will see this name on the signs at Metzger Farm Open Space informing you about the farm’s history and wildlife.
·     You will see this name at the Fishing Derby where BOSF helps provide a very positive fishing experience for Broomfield’s youngsters.
·     You will find this name at Broomfield Days, informing newcomers of Broomfield’s trails and wildlife.
·     You will hear this name when you Zoom in to listen to the Open Space Speakers Series this Fall.
The Broomfield Open Space Foundation is able to help cover the cost of these informative signs, fishing supplies, and speakers because of generous donations from you who use Broomfield’s Open Space; you who recognize the importance of saving our Open Space.
Please consider supporting our organization that promotes, protects, and enhances Broomfield’s Open Spaces, making Broomfield a better place to live.

Click HERE to go to our donation page.
Karen Steele, President
Broomfield Open Space Foundation
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