helpersPast  Foundation Projects and Accomplishments:


Ruth Roberts Connecting Trail

Broomfield is submitting a State Trails grant for the Ruth Roberts Connector trail which will link the Lake Link Trail with over 87 miles of trails in Boulder County.  In reviewing the application, one major factor that is important for obtaining the funds is community support.  BOSF donated $1000 dollars towards the project.  According to Kristin Pritz, Broomfield, director of Open Space and Trails, BOSF financial contribution increases the chances of Broomfield receiving the grant.  We are optimistic that in March the answer will be positive. Get those bikes and legs in shape!

Participated in the Grand Opening of the Metzger Open Space Farm Ceremonies

Habitat Project

bosf-planting-project-bcc-april-19-2008-smallThis May we planted over 155 drought resistant native plants on the NE corner of LeGault Reservoir.  Over 25 people broke out the shovels.  A great time was had by all. During the brutal summer-think desert- with high temperatures and little water, volunteers kept almost all of the 30-shrubs that came in the five gallon container alive.  However the seedlings did less well with only 20 out of the 125 planted surviving.  BOSF learned much from this “micro”- project and will incorporate the ideas in our next habitat improvement event. A big thanks to the Amy Yargar from the Butterfly Pavilion who provided invaluable mentoring

Fishing Derby was a Great Success

fishing3The Annual fishing derby this May saw over 90 participants. Many young adults who had  never held a fishing pole in their hands before received a brief course on fish and how to catch them. Although the fish were biting, only a few people left with dinner. We were featured in the Broomfield Enterprise event page. A great experience for both young and old was had.  This coming year the event will move from the Tom Frost Reservoir to the Metzger Farm Pond.  Rumor has it that there are some really big fish already there that may take out a few of our stockers.

2011: Supported Birds of Prey Seminar, Fishing Derby at Tom Frost, Clean up at the Metzger Farm Open Space, and Backyard Habitat Expo

2009: Adopt an Open Space Site Metzger Farm Clean-up, Tree Planting @ County Commons, Awarded Scholarship, established Garden @ Brunner Farm House

2008:  Nesting Box Placements w/ Boy Scouts @ Broomfield County Commons, Willow tree planting @ Commons, Girl Scouts Bluebird Box Project @ Lac Amora Open Space, Tree Planting @ Broomfield County Commons, Sponsorship of the Division of Wildlife Co-Existing w/ Wildlife Presentation

2007: Wildlife Enhancement @ Le Gault Reservoir & Raptor Perches for Broomfield County Common and Lac Amora


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